The Smarter Smart TV

A handful of Smart TVs are delivering a next generation experience, enabling faster performance, easier app access, and new features that improve Netflix and other internet TV services. We’ve identified these devices as Netflix Recommended TVs.

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Our Criteria.

When you see the Netflix Recommended TV logo, you’ll know the TV has passed a rigorous evaluation process. Each year the criteria and designations evolve to list the best new TVs for using Netflix and other internet TV services. To carry the Netflix Recommended TV logo in 2017, a Smart TV must have met at least 5 out of the 7 following criteria:

TV Instant On

Your TV starts up instantly and apps are ready to use right away, just like your smartphone.

Fast App Launch

The Netflix app always launches quickly, whether it’s right after turning on the TV or after using several other apps.

Netflix Button

The Netflix button on the remote control powers on the TV as well as launches Netflix, so you can start your TV and get to Netflix with the press of a single button.

Easy Netflix Icon Access

The Netflix app is easy to access and convenient to launch from the TV menu.

TV Resume

Your TV remembers what you were doing and wakes to the same place as when it was turned off.

High-res Netflix Interface

Browse Netflix in 1080p resolution – with crisper text and clearer images.

Latest Netflix Version

Your TV comes with the latest version of Netflix with the newest features.

Only select models from the brands below have met the criteria and can carry the Netflix Recommended TV logo in 2017.
Additional models and brands will be added as they become available and are designated.


2017 4K UHD TVs with WebOS 3.5

UJ6300 | UJ6500 | SJ8000 | SJ8500 | SJ9500 | UJ7700 | B7 | C7 | E7 | G7 | W7

UJ6300 | UJ6500 | SJ8000 | SJ8500 | SJ9500 | UJ7500 | B7 | E7 | G7

UJ6300 | UJ6500 | SJ8000 | SJ8500 | SJ9500 | UJ7500 | B7 | C7 | E7 | G7 | W7

UJ6300 | UJ6500 | UJ6600 | UJ7200 | SJ8000 | SJ8500 | SJ9500 | UJ7500 | UJ769R | UJ7800 | UJ8800 | UJ9400 | UJ9800 | B7 | C7 | E7 | G7 | W7

UJ6100 | UJ6300 | UJ6500 | SJ800 | SJ8500 | UJ7500 | B7 | C7 | E7 | W7


2017 4K UHD and QLED TVs

7 Series | 8 Series | 9 Series | Q Series


All 2017 Sony Android TVs

XE8001 | XE8004 | XE8005 | XE8077 | XE8096 | XE8099 | XE8396 | XE8501 | XE8505 | XE8577 | XE8588 | XE8596 | XE8599 | XE9001 | XE9005 | XE9305 | XE9405

X850E | X900E | X930E | X940E

X850E | X900E | X930E | X940E

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